Collection: Frames and Hoops for Punch Needle

Choosing the correct punch needle frame or punch needle hoop for your project is essential. In order to create even loops when punching, you will need your fabric to be stretched as tight as possible. This will make punching much easier on your hands and it will also help keep your loops the same height. Therefore, you will want to choose a frame or hoop that allows you to stretch the fabric as tight as you need it to be. As a rule of thumb, Amy Oxford says that you should be able to bounce quarter (20p) off of the fabric when it's tight enough.

Depending on the size of the project and budget, there are various options available to you.

For smaller punch needle projects, you may want to choose a hoop. The Rico plastic embroidery hoop is a beginner and budget friendly hoop that comes in a range of different size. Alternatively, the Morgan No-Slip hoop is also a good option, though slightly more expensive. The Morgan No-Slip is also available in a number of sizes.

For larger projects, the wooden punch needle frame is a good budget friendly option and available in various sizes. You will need either a staple gun or push pins to secure the fabric to your frame.