Best Yarn for Punch Needle

What Yarn is Best for Punch Needle?


best yarn for punch needle

A question that is often asked is “what yarn should I be using for punch needle?”

It’s a common misconception that the only yarn you can use for punch needle is rug yarn. There’s actually a huge variety of yarns available that are suitable for punch needle and different punch needlers will have different preferences in the yarns they work with. Ultimately, the yarn you choose will depend on the type of project you want to make, how much you want to spend and what needle you are going to be using. 

The most important tip I can share is that you can use ANY fibre which flows easily through your needle. It really is that simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap acrylic, cotton or any other fibre. So long as it doesn't get stuck when moving through your needle, then go for it! 

If you’re trying to work out what fibre works for you without breaking the bank, there are lots of options. Have you got leftover yarn from other projects? Punch needle is the perfect way to use up those scraps! Acrylic yarn, acrylic blends or cotton are other good options. Love Crafts and Wool Warehouse both have a good range to choose from. 

Rug yarn is the most traditional fibre used in punch needle. This is because it is a hardwearing and durable yarn, and can handle lots of wear and tear. It isn’t the cheapest yarn out there but if you’re going to make a rug or a project that will be in a high traffic area, then it might be worth the investment. 

The yarn I use is 100% New Zealand Romney rug wool which is spun and dyed in UK. This is chunk rug yarn that can be used with the Lavor 5.5mm adjustable punch needle and the Oxford regular needles. 

A favourite US supplier is Seal Harbor Co. This is chunky yarn suitable to be used with the Lavor 5.5mm adjustable punch needle and the Oxford regular needles. This yarn is hand dyed and it comes in over 200 colours!

If you would like to read about fabrics suitable for punch needle, I have written a blog post about this. You can find it here.

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